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Kinda long entry but I think it is nessacary.....

Well term starts soon and that means classes again....I believe I will only have 2 classes with potter...*sighs* and we will be having more home work...less free time *mumbles cuss words under his breath* I dont see how we (Potter and I) can manage that this year...but we must. Our trip was good but Potter acted a little weird as if he had a secret of some sort. Also, Weasly (ron) has been giving me weird looks like I had run the school in the nude or something. (which I havent) I would really like to find out about that. Potter has somwething she wishes to tell you Myrtle, I guess you must go talk to him soon. The welcome ball is coming soon and it is girl ask guy this time. Hmmm....I wonder whether I should ask Potter or if he shall ask me...what does everyone think on that subject? *snickers at the thought* I just found out from Pansy that Crabbe and Goyle (the stupid gits) are being held back. I was secretly wondering when that was going to happen. Because of this they have to wait a year before they can apprate (spelling?) *gasps loudly while face brightens cheerfully* I have some big news for all of you!!!! *smirks* but I shall wairt till the time is right.... *evil laughter* (the joking kind) My father is going to try to get some good band to come to the Welcome Ball this year....dont know who yet... Potter and I where jast talking about how great fo a couple Hermione and Ron would make and I agree. We were also talking about what a good couple Ginny and Colin make. *thinking who else make s a good couple* Fred and alica and george and katie....yeah they hae been datin for what a year now...and george and katie are engaged right? I forget...I guess I better get going... Potter wants to talk to you guys now... He is probably going t repeat some of the stuff I said...*hahahaha*
aka: The boyfriend of the boy-who-lived.....

random qoute I found and thought it was cute....
"One day you will loose your grip Potter, and I'll be there to watch you fall" ~~ Draco
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