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Lee caught in the lou!

I came across Dumbledore today, (which is sort of strange, because I thought he was away on holiday) and he asked me if I was interested in helping around the school, having a living space and such! I was soo excited, and asked if there was anyway I could complete my education as a student of the school. He thought for a moment and told me that he would consider it! I was so utterly blissful that I accidently floated into the wrong lavitory! I sort of caught Lee Jordan in the middle of a somewhat embarrasing act. *succumbs to a fit of embarassed giggles, and whipes away a tear* Goodness, that was good for a laugh. He was quite surprised to see me and very cross, that even though I figured out that I was in the wrong lou, I didn't leave immedately. But that is quite alright, because I didn't really get to see anything that interesting, even though I craned my neck to see all I could. *evil grin*
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