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Murtle told me her good news! I'm really happy for her. See I knew if she just followed my advice something good will come out of it.

I have decided to seek out my potions professor on getting some extra work. This class is just too easy. *snort laugh* As another girl in my class, also a Slytheri, commented "I'm just glad to see some competition for Granger, hahahha." Its not that I don't like the girl, I do...But I can't really be the kind of friends that I would like. I guess thats the way the social ball bounces here at Hogwarts.

I flicked popping snares at that Looney Lovegood girl today during charms. HAHAHA. Seeing her flinch and almost get a puppy whimper lookon her face made it all worh while, especially when professor flick yelled at her. *evil cackle*
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