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Avada Kedavra~~oh my!

Welcome to Hogwarts!

All who like anything HP
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Hey!! This is a brand new community that needs members. Here is what we are all about:
1. We talk about anything aout or related to Harry Potter

2. This is a partial Role Playing site. Harry and Draco are taken! Everyone else is avalible. (the first 5 to join may have 2 characters if they wish and possible partial maintainer ship)

3. You may request Icons to be made. You MUST email the address above with your pic(s) and tell me exactly what you want. I will try my best. Only HP related icons!

4. We support slash and fanfics, just put all pics and fics behind an lj cut please.

5. If you wish to role play with me feel free to IM me on AIM @ NotSoPreppyGirl (please state you are from the community and wish to role play.)

6. I will soon have a website up for this community, if you wish to help email me.

7. Also, please keep all spoilers behind an lj cut, we dont want people getting mad at us for telling the secrets of the 5th book.

8. Please try to post every couple days so this community doesnt die. (We dont want a dead community)

9. First term starts September 1st please email me telling you which character you would like to start the school year off as. (no character changes)

10. If you send any owls they must be under an lj cut (well duh!!)
11. when you send in your application you MUST include the following:
your name (or nickname)
your character you wish to play
a way of contact(AIM AOL or MSN. not email)
Also, if you may tell me if you wish to help with anything. (website, icon requests, etc...)

11. If you decide to join in the middle of a term you need to email me and I will make an announcement of a new student.

12. I will also give all the students plenty of notice before big events. (a few weeks notice maybe) If you can not attend an event please email me and I will arrang to tell you about the event you missed.

13. I will aso be sending out a newsletter every 2 weeks to let you know when things are happening. Also, about the news in the HP world.

14. I will ocassionally be giving homework (easy stuff like make an icon of such and such....etc)

15. You will also be sorted into the house of your character, even teachers and non-students. You get points by being active and by doing homework. The house with the most points at the end of the school year gets a costomized layout or a set of customized icons (doesnt have to be HP related.) (every single person gets icons or a layout. I am trying to think whatelse I could do)

Love <3<3
your headmistress